Boston, MA WEFAX Images Set 6-14-2020 at ~15:00UTC

Hi Everyone!,

Been trying to stay somewhat busy today and have decoded some WEFAX this morning on 9109KHz. I have had a QRM problem but it is no more! I have everything on a UPS with electric power conditioner and BANG! Noise plummets!

Wefax Images Broadcast out of Boston Today

Hello All,

Right now I’m feeling like I definitely was just at the right place at the right time.. I jumped on the SDR radio this afternoon to do some DXing that i needed to catch up on. I tuned in to 12749khz USB. I then looked out my window and realized I was getting this strong signal partly because the sun was in the middle of setting. I was “greylining” . The result of all these fortunate events are held in 2 wefax maps below:

Zombie WeFax Sessions

So this is what happened. I started decoding wefax during the night (North America) and actually got a few good ones from that session. I was shutting everything down and preparing to recharge my batteries and sleep, but one thing I forgot. I forgot to shut down my shortwave listening setup on my PC and left FLDIGI to keep decoding the images until a few hours after that.. Here is what I accidentally decoded!