TIAMS #67 Decoded Images 6/3/2020

Hello everybody!

It is very very rare that I tune in to 7780KHz for TIAMS’s 2100UTC airing. I just happened to want to try it tonight and see how the changing seasons would affect the propagation of this signal. Turns out it is not too bad, at least for tonight. I was at about S8 to S9 on it. SIO was about 423.

Below are the decodes of the MFSK-64 mode images! Let me know what you think. Drop me a comment.

DJ Playlist

Hello. I will be streaming music non-stop, with no repeats for a day +7 hours. It is a techno band Autechre’s discography and I will have the entire Conet Project mixed in. http://cast1.hfzone.org:8000/frigid . Please, feel free to listen and make yourself at home!

Have a good evening!


I’m going to be doing this again tonight.

More Icecast Server Streams!

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I am streaming my DX sessions on and off all day to an icecast server in the cloud, as time permits. The stream is http://cast1.hfzone.org:8000/dx and will be where my SDRPlay/SDRuno sessions will end up as they happen. Feel free to tune in and comment! I’m also up for any constructive criticism you may have on the sound and what should be fixed on SDRuno.

There is also a live stream of ambient/techno style tracks that will be playing all the way through with no repeats. This music is sort of meant to be just ambient while you do your thing during your day or night. That live stream is available at http://cast1.hfzone.org:8000/ozone