Frigid RF (WA4333SWL)

Radio New Zealand – RNZI

Hello Everyone, To finish off DXing for the night, here is a snip of RNZI from my QTH. This station always surprises me when it pops up out of the noise floor. Let me know what you think!

Shortwave Radiogram #159 by Frigid/WA4333SWL

Ladies and Gentlemen, I almost forgot about this morning’s swradiogram broadcast. This broadcast from WRMI on 15770KHz is the one I ace and decode near perfect every time. I recently built a new PC and I think this is an awesome way to break the thing in. I used Windows 10, RSP1a/SDRuno, and my longwire […]


Hello All! Thank you for stopping by! Got something here that I normally don’t bother with too much. I thought it would be interesting to monitor some FT-8 on 40meters today using WSJT-X software. Well, I took it a step further and decided to graph this stuff to try to unveil a whole new awesome […]

It’s Late and I am DXing

Hello folks! As I see everyone leaves for the night from discord server , I am stuck in overdrive and am DXing MW and SW tonight. I seem to have caught stations out of New Jersey and New York, but these don’t really cut it at being successful DXs. These stations aren’t really impressive […] Broadcast #157

Hey Everybody! I am just now finding the time to post my results from the radiogram #157. Thes were decoded with my RSP1a with SDRuno and FLDIGI . Let me know what you think! #156 Image Decodes from WRMI 15770KHz at 6-12-2020

Hello and good afternoon again, These decodes are from after I transferred all my electronics in my radio room to a UPS. Seems it may have been power transmission lines or something similar. Either way, I am glad to be able to have such quality again in my shortwave listening and decoding!

Boston, MA WEFAX Images Set 6-14-2020 at ~15:00UTC

Hi Everyone!, Been trying to stay somewhat busy today and have decoded some WEFAX this morning on 9109KHz. I have had a QRM problem but it is no more! I have everything on a UPS with electric power conditioner and BANG! Noise plummets!


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