Shortwave Radiogram #159 by Frigid/WA4333SWL

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I almost forgot about this morning’s swradiogram broadcast. This broadcast from WRMI on 15770KHz is the one I ace and decode near perfect every time. I recently built a new PC and I think this is an awesome way to break the thing in. I used Windows 10, RSP1a/SDRuno, and my longwire antenna for these. I am going to stick with this hardware/software configuration as Linux tragically fails at things like this on a constant basis.

I’m stunned at the color contrasts with this weeks images. These really push the limit of MFSK in my opinion. I would like to see the show experiment with other modes more. For instance hell and olivia were fun when they were introduced in the show. Those modes are not time efficient though and would ruin the precious 30 minute block the show has to conform and stick with.


Hello All! Thank you for stopping by!

Got something here that I normally don’t bother with too much. I thought it would be interesting to monitor some FT-8 on 40meters today using WSJT-X software. Well, I took it a step further and decided to graph this stuff to try to unveil a whole new awesome factor in the process. Below is the video of FT-8 being plotted on this software called GridTracker!! Enjoy!

It’s Late and I am DXing

Hello folks!

As I see everyone leaves for the night from discord server , I am stuck in overdrive and am DXing MW and SW tonight. I seem to have caught stations out of New Jersey and New York, but these don’t really cut it at being successful DXs. These stations aren’t really impressive as they are a blazing 50kw making it a short distance down the east coast. I am now listening in on the many brother stair programs that are littering the airwaves and turning people into zombies! The guy never sleeps….

Brother Stair and his disciples are quick learners

I have no RSP1a antenna at the moment now because the little delicate cable, the U.FL, decided to just make itself at home, prop it’s feet up, and snap at the slightest of touches of the cable…. very delicate hardware apparently. Anyways, I am DXing with the PL-880 for shortwave as well. I’m switching between the 2 until one becomes interesting. So far I have gotten 2 stations playing music and 6 religious/brother stair crap. Why crowd the airwaves so much with this brainwashing nonsense. Maybe I will turn on my scanner and start scanning Portsmouth for the crazies that come out in the night and do unusual things….. That could be pretty entertaining.